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HackSurfer Rebrands as SurfWatch Labs; Launches SurfWatch Analytics to Help Organizations Immediately Pinpoint Relevant Cyber Risks and Understand the Business Impact

Technology Executive Dave Ellison Appointed President and CEO to Lead the Company's Vision of Delivering Cyber Risk Intelligence in a Complete Business Context

July 1, 2014 — Sterling, VA — HackSurfer, an innovative provider of cyber risk intelligence solutions,has officially changed its name to SurfWatch Labs, which reflects the company's mission of helping organizations understand their unique cyber risks, assess the impact to their business and proactively address threats head on. Following the recent Series-A financing, the company has named Dave Ellison, a seasoned executive, as President and CEO to lead the company's vision of delivering cybersecurity intelligence in a business context.

The company's initial offering, SurfWatch Analytics, provides organizations with the business context of the cyber risks they face and the potential impact on their financial bottom lines, technology infrastructure, customers, partners, supply chain and brand reputation. By aggregating structured and unstructured data from numerous industry-specific sources, security vendors, social media, news feeds, partners and end users, and leveraging a proprietary analytics engine, SurfWatch Analytics transforms streams of cyber data into highly relevant, timely and tailored cyber risk intelligence that can be easily integrated into any IT environment or application. With SurfWatch Analytics, organizations can quickly identify and comprehend threats from all angles, and take action to effectively manage and mitigate risk.

"SurfWatch Analytics was developed by a high-performance team of former US Intelligence Community scientists, technologists and security professionals, to fundamentally change how we look at and understand cyber risk," said Ellison. "I am very fortunate to join the company now as we are just beginning to take our innovative solutions to market, making cyber risk information more accessible, usable and impactful for organizations of all sizes."

SurfWatch Analytics is fueled by its proprietary CyberFact Data Model which provides a standardized representation of cybersecurity information (who attacked who, what method was used, and what was the impact) and drives advanced business intelligence analysis of overwhelming amounts of security information.

"The traditional approach to cybersecurity is to aim a fire hose of low-level threat data at an organization's security team, which certainly can create a lot of action, but in itself is not actionable because it almost never provides business context," said Jason Polancich, Founder and Chief Architect, SurfWatch Labs. "Instead of focusing on collecting and disseminating low-level threat data - which has little contextual relevancy to the business - we are identifying and classifying threats at a higher level to help organizations understand which risks are most important and what to do about them. It's a business intelligence approach common to accounting, finance, sales and other key business domains, but is missing from cybersecurity almost entirely."

SurfWatch Analytics is available through the SurfWatch Analytics API, which allows organizations to seamlessly integrate highly relevant, real-time cyber risk information to power cyber defense applications, business intelligence applications, third-party products and OEM integrations. Through the API, organizations gain access to the full repository of CyberFacts, and access to CyberInsights, which are created using proprietary algorithms to answer questions such as "What should my business worry about most?".

The SurfWatch Analytics content is also available in SurfWatch Cyber Risk Reports, which combine CyberFacts and CyberInsights with expert interpretation and commentary from SurfWatch analysts to provide executive-level analysis and insights, making it easy to quickly grasp the latest cybersecurity trends and potential impact to your business.

SurfWatch Analytics is available now online at SurfWatch Analytics serves as the foundation for all of SurfWatch's SaaS-based cyber risk intelligence solutions, coming later in 2014.

About SurfWatch Labs

SurfWatch Labs delivers cyber risk intelligence solutions that help organizations understand the potential for cyber-attacks, determine the impact to their business and proactively address threats head on.

SurfWatch Labs was formed in 2013 by former US Government intelligence analysts to go beyond the low-level threat intelligence approach that can drown organizations in data. By aggregating and automatically analyzing vast amounts of data from a wide range of structured and unstructured sources, SurfWatch enables organizations to zero in on their unique cyber risk profile and ensure the most effective risk management strategies are identified and implemented.

With SurfWatch, organizations can immediately understand and act on their cyber risk.

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