See Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions In Action


SurfWatch Threat Analyst is an easy-to-use SaaS product that helps you quickly zero in on relevant cyber threats to your business, supply chain and industry, and make more informed risk decisions.

Gaining Visibility of Supply Chain Cyber Risks with SurfWatch Labs

As business becomes more connected, the digital supply chain is increasingly being exploited by adversaries. SurfWatch Labs proactively monitors for threats to your supply chain, removing this major blind spot and helping your organization better manage cyber risk.

Threat Intelligence Case Study: How Apple Federal Credit Union Uses SurfWatch Labs

Hear a real-life use case of how a credit union relies on cyber threat intelligence to better anticipate threats and ultimately reduce the risk of having member and other sensitive information stolen by cybercriminals.

SurfWatch Labs Overview - Why You Need Threat Intelligence

Data breaches keep happening despite organizations having security tools and staff in place. Relying on traditional cyber defenses alone is not working. You need to know what specific threats to your business are on the horizon so you can prepare and plan accordingly. Reduce your risk with threat intelligence.

SurfWatch Cyber Advisor - Your Instant Threat Intelligence Operation

SurfWatch Cyber Advisor combines powerful cyber risk analytics, easy-to-use SaaS products and a team of human experts who work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to immediately establish your threat intelligence operation.

Threat Intelligence for Financial Institutions

Every day on the Dark Web cybercriminals are buying and selling financial information. Stolen payment card data is sold in bulk and used to make fraudulent purchases. Compromised credentials let criminals siphon money out of customer accounts. ATM skimmers, banking Trojans and other services are at the fingertips of a growing pool of malicious actors. Learn how a threat intelligence solution such as SurfWatch Cyber Advisor can help shine a light on the Dark Web and help you mitigate critical risks before it’s too late.

Threat Intelligence For Healthcare Organizations

Last year the healthcare sector saw more data breaches than any other industry. Over 112 million records were compromised, and criminal attacks — for the first time ever — were the leading cause. Data breaches are estimated to cost healthcare organizations $6 billion each year. Learn how to focus on the most relevant threats by implementing a threat intelligence solution like SurfWatch Labs Cyber Advisor.

Threat Intelligence For Legal Professionals

Legal professionals deal with a wide variety of data, and cybercriminals often target law firms and legal counsel in order to steal that information. Learn how SurfWatch Cyber Advisor can help legal professionals manage their cyber risk and better protect client, employee and other sensitive data.

SurfWatch Analytics Overview — Cyber Threat Intelligence Tailored for Your Business

With SurfWatch Analytics, you can quickly grasp the latest cybersecurity trends and impact to your business.